WWII's 16th Photo Tech: A Project. By Theresa Everline.

16th Photo Tech’s Journey

This itinerary for the 16th Photo Tech Unit is what I’ve managed to piece together so far:

March 1944: Groups called the 1st Photo Lab and the 1st Photo Tech landed in England. These would form the basis of the 9th Photo Tech Group (Provisional), whose six teams would eventually become the 16th and 17th Photo Tech Units.

[uncertain date]: at Chalgrove, then at Middle Wallop, the teams became attached to the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group.

June 6, 1944: D-Day

June 30, 1944: Team 1 in operation on the Continent

July 4, 1944: Team 1 moved to Le Moley, France

July 1944: the three teams were merged


November 11, 1944: Reorganized into the 16th and 17th Photo Tech units, which operated jointly

March 22, 1945: Left Belgium [unclear when they went to Belgium]

March 26, 1945: The entire outfit arrived at Voegelsang, a Hitler youth camp taken by the 9th Infantry Division

April 2, 1945: the outfit headed for the Rhine and Limburg, Germany

April 12, 1945: went to Eschwege, Germany

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