WWII's 16th Photo Tech: A Project. By Theresa Everline.

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If you have any information that will help with this project, or to learn more, email me at teverline AT yahoo DOT com.

I’m a freelance journalist who has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wired.com, The Boston Globe, Outside, The Oxford American, Filmmaker, and other publications. The essay I wrote for The Yale Review about living and working in Cairo was selected as a “notable essay” by The Best American Travel Writing 2005. Read some of my stories at my website.

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  1. Theresa,
    When I saw your site with the word “Blue Train”,I couldn’t believe it. I am trying to figure out my fathers military career. Like your dad, mine was not a talker. Part American indian, he was always quite. He died when I was just 21.He lied about his age and joined the Army in 1937 in Tx.Switched to the Air Corps in 41 @ Kelly Field in Tx.& went from QM corps to photography.In 43 his speciality is Aerial Phorography.In 43 he is still @ WRF-Okla with the 89th Recon Training Wing.Leaves the US for England Feb 44.Mother always talked about how dad was part of the Blue Train in Europe. I can’t find anything on it. Your’s is the 1st.

    Comment by yacqueline hackbarth — August 9, 2010 @ 11:22 pm

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